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Newspaper Watch
Village Magazine
Issue 57, April 6th 2006

Senior Source: “evidence not important”

Newspaper watch was a weekly column that I wrote, for Village Magazine under the editorship of Vincent Browne, for 16 months from April 2006 until late 2007. My job was to analyse the output of Ireland's newspaper industry and to examine the inaccuracies and biases that appeared therein.
Village MagazineIssue 52, March 2nd 2006
On 25th February 2006, the Loyalist "Love Ulster" group held a march in Dublin which provoked a riot by counter-protesters.
Sampler, RTE Television
Against War and TerrorAn anti-war pamphlet, September 2001
In the aftermath of the attacks on New York on September 11th, 2001, the US war-drums started to beat and Afghanistan was their target.
Workers SolidarityNo 55, October 1998
In the second half of the 1990s, Ireland saw the start of a property boom that continued until 2007, when it collapsed in spectacular fashion leaving the economy in a spiraling depression where it rem
Beyond BabelA Journal of undergraduate writing, Alan O'Leary (ed)
In 1996, journalist Veronica Guerin was murdered by a criminal gang.
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