Back in early 2016, I was already far behind my original schedule when I got stuck in the process of writing a theoretical summary of my early experiences on the left. I just couldn’t arrive at an article that I was happy with. No matter how hard I tried, everything came out sounding too jaded and downright depressing, which didn’t really reflect what I felt or wanted to express. I decided that more research was needed. This took me in a variety of new and unexpected directions until I eventually arrived at a narrative that made sense to me. Now, almost 6 years later, I’m back and resolved to finally complete the project.

In between times a lot of things changed – a handful of sociopathic nerds in California took over the world’s media, a giant toddler with orange skin took over the world’s most prominent political role and a global pandemic arrived and rewrote all the rules of economics and public administration. Somehow, everybody just kept on rolling along as if this was normal and not the massive prank that it obviously is.

Life is now clearly satirising Hollywood

Anyway, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.

Over the next few months, I will lock myself in a cabin at an undisclosed location (pictured above) where nobody can distract me until I get to the end of the story. I’m going to stick to a regular publishing schedule with new posts coming out every Monday and Thursday mornings (10am Dublin time), starting tomorrow. I promise!

Unfortunately, in the intervening period, I lost access to all of my old online presence and tools. I finally managed to wrestle back my cherished old vanity domain – – but everything else is pretty much a write off at this stage. I had to start afresh with new software and new hosting and laboriously transfer all the old content across manually from snapshots. This means that all of the old comments have been lost for now – my sincere apologies for that. I would like to dig them out and copy them across somehow, but given the fact that I’m running 7 years behind schedule at this stage, I think it’s probably wise to concentrate my efforts on getting the articles out on time.

I’ve set up a twitter account where updates will be posted to – the link is in the top menu – and there’s a form on every article page and in the site footer which allows you to subscribe to updates with email. In my long period of absence, my fickle audience has completely disappeared and I’ve become a conscientious objector to social media, so I would appreciate it if interested readers share my stories far and wide. Also, all (civil) comments and feedback are most graciously appreciated. Please let me know if anything doesn’t work or has gone wrong in the process of setting up the new site.

In terms of content, you can expect more of the same – improbable tales from my travels, political and media activity, reflections on political theory and ruminations on mathematical modelling – all trying to make sense of this crazy world that we live in. First up will be publication of my travel diaries from my year-and-a-bit in Africa – some of which have been published in raw format before (as emails that I sent back at the time), but they include a heap of new material and photographs that have never been shared before.

Welcome aboard dear reader, I hope you enjoy the ride!

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